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tpms on toyota

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I set evo-one to 2018 camry and 2019 rav4. On both I made a tpms connection. On both, the tire symbol flashes when remote start with 3-lock. How to find out whether or not this vehicle has a TPMS?
asked Dec 28, 2020 in Toyota by G M (9,690 points)

1 Answer

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tpms light will flash on all vehicles that have a tpms connection. It goes away once you drive off.
answered Dec 28, 2020 by Robert T (285,980 points)
selected Dec 28, 2020 by G M

Yes, but this message is left on monitor

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On vehicles with tpms on the radio, unfortunately, you need to press the OK button.

You can remove the TPMS connection, but the OEM remotes will not work while the engine is running.