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Dcryptor's limit has been reached for this car 2014 Audi sq5

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Hi, I need help with my EVO-AUDT1

I have it installed about a month ago, everything worked but not ok. Most of the time remote start won't work or at least not at the first try. Needs a couple of tries, lock, unlock and will eventually start. Today I had some time so I decided to remove the unit and change the settings (at the customer service recommendation to try the LOCK/UNLOCK/LOCK  instead of what I initially had LOCK/LOCK/LOCK  FOR REMOTE START).

I did the settings change and installed back the module, the car will remote start much better than before (still failed a couple attempts but most of the time worked fine) however sometimes after shutting off engine and close the door the car will start! Just like that, after pushing ONE TIME ONLY the door lock button car will start. So I decided to revers the setting to what I initially had ( 3 x LOCK fosr remote start) at least this way the car won't start when simply lock. And from here programming issues begin : I was not able to have the remote starting working again. I fallowed the same programming procedure like before, on the computer everything seems to be fine but when connecting the module nothing, car won't remote start at all.

I tried a couple of times step 1 for DCRYPTOR , ever time worked fine, but on the car won't start. I also tried and flashed not the recommended firmware version but the lattes one compatible for this module , (the 70) and repeat all the steps, still nothing.

I eventually went back and flash the same version that I initially had ( the 60.08) and did the recommended settings, no change at all, with 3 x LOCK for remote start, fallowed successfully all the programing steps and nothing, car won't remote start.

While I was doing the last try when I was running the dcryptor, I got the message of dcryptor limit have been reached for this car!  I tried to reconnect the module and fallow the procedure for STEP 1 and nothing. Same message.

Nevertheless, this is getting pretty frustrating... Also, the module I received shows manufacturing date beeing sometimes in 2018 and for my vehicle shows that compatible modules needs to be manufactured 2019 and up. I called customer service when I received the module and I have been told it doesn’t matter, will still work. And it did, but with the described issues, so I wonder if that may be the initial issue why car won't remote start as it should to begin with?


How do I reset dcryptor's limit? And what could be the issue that car won't remote start even if the programing seems to be successful? I am pretty sure every time the connectors were well plugged


* After talking with customer service this will be solved by sending a e-mail with the unit s/n for reset.
asked Jan 19, 2021 in Audi by Marius Gheorghe (130 points)
edited Jan 19, 2021 by Marius Gheorghe

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