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Everything appears to be installed correctly, but it will not try to start.

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2006 Chevy Trailblazer LS with Crimestopper RS4-G5 and EVO-ALL. Firmware is 70.18. Used connection 3 and Program 3 from the manual. Could not find where to get firmware 4.06 that every reference I find in support says is required. Guide #3309 Shows Firmware 70.18 is required and Firmware 70.21 is Minimum.

When I press start, I hear clicks from the Crimestopper. Then the door locks trigger and nothing happens. If I insert the key and turn it to on, it will try to start. If I then turn the key to start, it will start. When I then turn the key to off, it continues to run until I step on the break.

The door locks will both lock and unlock as expected.

If I remove the Fortin and press start, the Crimestopper cranks the engine, but it obviously doesn't start as there is no bypass.
asked Dec 28, 2021 in Chevrolet by Eddy Weakley (190 points)

1 Answer

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70.18 is definitely the firmware you want on those. Grounding the entire system to Pin 4 of the OBD plug is suggested. 


To start off, after grounding everything at Pin 4 of the OBD, RESET and REPROGRAM the EVO. When reprogramming, make sure to hold the key in crank for 3 seconds (3 real seconds). 

  1. Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector.
  2. Let go of button when LED is RED.
  3. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.
  4. Disconnect unit .
answered Dec 28, 2021 by Robert T (285,590 points)
This was the exact same problem I was having on my 2005 Suburban. Simply grounding the unit on pin 4 of the OBD fixed my problem. On a side note, I did not ground the parking light "Red W/ Black tracer" on this wire. I left it grounded to the body ground under the dash as I wasn't sure how much load that wire would handle.