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Shock sensor not firing the evo all alarm.

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Evo all serial number 001A07339278 Have dei shock sensor with battery to red gnd to blk and the blue trigger to the purple white on the evo all. Added siren and relay and turned on alarm features and siren and alarm are working just no set off from shock sensor
closed with the note: Figured it out
asked Feb 6, 2022 in Chevrolet by matlock kascak (230 points)
closed Feb 6, 2022 by matlock kascak

1 Answer

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I figured it out. The 2 purple white wires coming off the gm7 tharness on connector b and the purple and purple white pair do not go to pin a3 on the evo all. Had to make the connection directly off of the white 20 pin plug
answered Feb 6, 2022 by matlock kascak (230 points)