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2008 Equinox runs for 45 seconds then shuts down

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I just installed a Viper 4305 remote starter with EVO-ALL in 08 Equinox.

I followed the installation instructions, got the EVO-ALL programmed and Decryptor completed.

The remote starter seems to function as expected:

Door Lock

Door Unlock

Remote Start

Remote Stop

Brake stop

Hood stop.

Although, when remote started, the vehicle only runs for 45 seconds then shuts down.

I was not able to see any diagnostic light flashes.

One thing to note is the vehicle does have factory remote start enabled...I would not think that's the issue though.


Any suggestions?

asked Mar 27, 2022 in Chevrolet by Mike Herriman (260 points)

2 Answers

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Oh, and the Viper is D2D to the EVO-ALL.
answered Mar 27, 2022 by Mike Herriman (260 points)
reshown Mar 29, 2022 by Mike Herriman

No diagnostic light flashes upon shutdown....Viper control Center or parking lights.

Captured a video of the shutdown, and the DIC flashes the Service Anti-Theft System and imediately shuts down.  This after exactly 45 seconds every time (repeatable).

I saw another thread on the forum with the same issue.  The resolution to that was to change the ground connection from body ground to immobilized ground.  I have not done this yet, but will report back the results.

I have also read that I should maybe connect the EVO-ALL Ground While Running to the Viper Disarm System Alarm(-) output.  Any thoughts on this one?


Update Monday Evening:

Tried moving the GND to the Immobilizer (no change...runs 45 seconds)

Tried connecting EVO GWR to the Viper FACTORY ALARM DISARM...would not even crank...so disconnected

Factory Reset

Re-learned the DCryptor

Re-programmed EVO

Still won't run past 45 seconds.

Monitored the EVO - Remote Start Press.....Blue LED Flashes rapidly all through the IGNITION, CRANK, RUNNING PHASES

Monitored the VO - After 45 seconds, RAPID BLUE FLASHING LED went OFF, then Yellow LED came ON at the same time the DIC Anti-Theft came ON and shut down.
Yes you can try that, it will activate the evo a bit sooner which may give the vehicle more time for the immo code.


However if its actually running for a full 45 seconds then dying this sounds alot more like tach programming than a ground out issue.


Persoanlly I would look into how to program tach to your viper unit or how to set it to voltage sensing (tachless) and see if that keeps it running.
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I was able to capture a video of the EVO LEDs during the shutdown.

During the Remote starting process, RED LED is ON solid, Blue LED flashing rapid.

At 45 second mark, all LEDs go OFF, then Yellow LED flashes TWICE.

Anti-Theft on DIC, vehicle shuts down.

No Attempt to restart.

If it was a tach issue with the Viper, it would flash the park lights.

I am at my wits end here..

Ive never had this much trouble before.
answered Mar 29, 2022 by Mike Herriman (260 points)
Did you try putting the viper unit into voltage sensing (tachless mode) to see if the results change?


If the vehicle starts and runs past 20 seconds then immobilizer info is finished, something else is shutting the vehicle down in my opinion.
Something must have been up with the Viper.

I replaced the Viper with a Prostart 3411TW from Canadian Tire, wired it all up the exact same way and no issues.


Further investigation with the Viper module I guess.  I have another vehicle with the same Viper module that has no issues.  I will swap them out and see if the shutdown follows the module.