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Clutch bypass 22 Corolla

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Just wondering why we need to make the clutch bypass so elaborate on 22 Corolla hatchback push to start.
we have two ignition + from the evo one going to pin 86 of the relay and wire a4 -ignition to pin 85 of the relay?  And then 30 and 87 to the clutch switch. Could we not just run e6 yellow from connector e directly to the clutch switch as we have done on previous models  

just looking for clarification here

Thank you
asked May 7, 2022 in Toyota by Brian Primeau (160 points)

1 Answer

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you can connect the yellow starter wre
answered May 8, 2022 by Haidar Jabbar (22,040 points)
Ok so when using yellow e6 do I need to connect red e3 to batt + and black e4 to ground .
just curious when pulling from the high power side of e connector do I need to supply batt power , Unsure if there is enough amperage coming through the t harness?
yes power 12+ and round must be provided,

Alternativly, you can use the white wire on the 20 connector and flip the poliarity from - to + and then connect to clutch.