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Everything is plugged in but LED will not flash rapidly in step 5

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Toyota 2016 Prius TOYT6 T harness
I am using the guide : Regular Installation without Take Over with T-harness

Hello, I spliced into the 3 wires that were needed. 2 at the OBD2 connector (ground(4) and +12V(16) and 1 wire at the hybrid ECU connector (+) starter(A16).

I took out the 30 pin main body ECU and plugged in the 30 pin connector labelled B from the T harness into it. I then plugged in the 30 pin main body ECU into the T harness female 30 pin side. Am I missing anything?

I plug in the power wire into the Fortin module while holding the button and I waited until it turned solid blue. I then connected the rest of the connectors into the Fortin module. I pressed the power button on the vehicle twice without pressing on the brake. The blue LED stays solid and does not flash. When I turn on the car fully, the LED blue light still stays on. If I turn off the car, the blue LED light is still on
asked Jul 12, 2022 in Toyota by Mohaned Hurani (200 points)

1 Answer

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After you turn the vehicle on, press and release the programming button on the evo 1x. it should then go out and flash.
answered Jul 12, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)
selected Jul 13, 2022 by derek !
Dude you are a life saver. I thought I wasn't connecting the wires properly. Thank you so much. Worked right away! They need to include what you said in the guide. Thank you so much!