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Where is the starter wire on a 2002 Silverado 2500 duramax?

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Trying to get my remote start system up and going by the diagrams and pictures do not show which wire is the starter wire under my steering column.
asked Sep 30, 2022 in Chevrolet by Clint Hembree (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Should be the yellow wire in the igniiton switch harness. Test to confirm.
answered Sep 30, 2022 by derek ! (290,960 points)
The small gauge wire? I figured it would have been a heavy gauge wire like the rest of the acc1&2 and ignition wires are.... When I tested the small yellow wire that goes to the back of the fuse block on the dash, it went to zero when cranking.
There's a few yellows in there, it is smaller guage than acc-ign.

8928019477385072979" style="width: 600px; height: 800px;">Is it the yellow wire circled in green?

The passlock wire is also yellow so only way to confirm is to test it .
the wait to start wire (dark blue on back of cluster) has 0 volts when light is on and 12 volts normal when key is in run position. How would I wire this to the DC3?
I am not familiar with DC3, it is not a fortin product. Remote starters normally offer a delayed start via their options instead of going to wait-to-start wiring. Example, programming a 20 second delay between ignition and crank.


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