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2019 silverado pts no RAP disable

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Installed standalone RFK 942, evo all and thar-gm6,tried evo-one aswell, tried newest firmware and a also a few levels back. Truck seems to start and work normally but radio plays without end after runtime until a door is opened. 2019 silverado trailboss pts. Is there a way to have the RAP disabled through data or a way it can manually be done? service# 001a07230826.  Also, "task lights" on exterior mirrors are activated by pushing lock button on RF kit, pushing lock is like pushing task light button, once-both mirrors, twice-right only, three-left only, 4 times-both off. Seem to stay on for at  least several minutes, only happens when using rf remote, not factory fob.
asked Jan 10 in Chevrolet by Micheal Unger (2,610 points)
edited Jan 11 by Micheal Unger

1 Answer

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Relocking after shutdown will take car of the rap. Option D2 or D5.


Disconnect that little molex for your task light issue. Don't need analog locks on those cars, it's all through CAN.
Note that the molex also has parking lights in there, if they are needed,you can leave the molex connected but cut the other 2 wires out.
answered Jan 10 by Robert T (285,590 points)
Thanks, I will try this when i get vehicle back from customer. I edited my original post as it's thar-gm6, not gm5.
Had vehicle back tonight. Disconnected molex connector and no more task lights. That part is good. Still cannot get radio to shut off after shutdown, tried D2, then D5, tried latest firmware, reprogram, still no change. Waited about 5 mins after shutdown each time and radio is still playing.  Any ideas?