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'18 Malibu Flashing Headlights & DRLs

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Hello, I have an '18 Malibu smart key and I have installed the EVO-ALL module and programmed. While the car is starting via the module, it seems it is glitchy. The dash turns on and off, displaying different messages, and the headlights and daytime running lights will turn on and off as well. This ends with the headlights off, DRLs on, and brake lights on. My question is if this is normal? And if so, I would suggest an update to the module. One time I remote started the car and after a second, the dash displayed No Remote Detected, then everything turned off and then the car started after a few more seconds. I noticed the harness has a couple loose wires and a couple other connectors attached. Do these need to be connected to anything?
asked Jan 13 in Chevrolet by Trey Heier (130 points)
retagged Jan 13 by Trey Heier

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