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The Evo is connected and programmed, but the car does not start.

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2021 Mazde Cx-30, push start Automatic  EVO-One ,  Thar-one-MAZ5 Harness,  Flash-link4

1) Installed, all connections checked and rechecked

2) Options set using Flashlink on a PC as per instructions  (checked again)

3) dcryptor run, on a PC, it went to and updated the access code from the internet

4) finished the programming, all lights flashed the correct colours at the correct time in the process

5) testing; I stand >15 ft away, press lock lock lock.  The horn sounds lights flas as a normal car lock. car does not start. nothing happens, no additional lighst or anything else

Other points.  I cut the yellow loop as started in the instructions

how do I troubleshoot?
asked Jan 28 in Mazda by Craig Smallman (130 points)

1 Answer

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Please provide the S/N number located on the back of the unit. This will allow me to see how the unit has been configured.


Best regards.
answered Jan 30 by derek ! (293,700 points)
SN is 002B04202859
When you press lock on the OEM remote, does the blue led on the evo flash?

Also was the yellow loop cut?
Yes the yellow loop was cut,

Yes when I press LOCK on the OEM key fob, the blue LED's flash
If you make the blue led flash 3 times in a row, what happens with the led's on the evo?
If I press the lock three times, the blue LED comes on with the first press only



LOCK -  no lights

LOCK - no lights
is there anyway to talk on the phone, or text to resolve this a little quicker?
You may be pressing it to fast, perhaps slow down at the rate you are pressing lock.


Yes you can contact our technical support line at 1-877-336-7797 mon-fri 8-6 est


Best regards.
Can you tell me anything else?  Is there any indication from your end that it is not operating?  Can you give me anything else to try to confirm or narrow down what is wrong?  At what point do I return the unit becase it is not working?

If the speed of pressing the buttons is the answer, can a setting be changed?  I doulbt it is becase I have tried pressing them fast and slow.
It sounds like you are perhaps simply pressing the lock button to fast. Checking the S/N it does appear on my end to be set correctly for 3x lock.

It is hard for me to say what else to check (aside from the basics we have already covered) since we are communicating via a forum rather then in person and in the vehicle.

I think your best bet is to call us so that we can assist you in getting this working.

Call us when you have the module and vehicle on hand.



8 am - 6 pm est.


Best regards.