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Blue light not flashing when pressing lock button, no 3x start. Programs successfully.

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2010 Acura TL key start with t harness
asked Jan 13, 2019 in Acura by Giuseppe Dionisi (130 points)

1 Answer

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Unit is not 3x lock start capable. You need an RF kit.
answered Jan 13, 2019 by Anthony Wilkinson (7,090 points)
So is the unit incapable of monitoring for a lock signal?  I have a crimestopper I am installing with it.  I was under the impression the EVO-ALL monitors the OEM remote on this vehicle.
Unit monitors lock signals but doesn't state 3x lock start capable anywhere. Once remote started the unit no longer can receive OEM remote signals.
Ok so I guess my problem is it's not receiving the lock signal. The blue LED should illuminate when receiving a lock signal and it's not doing that. I'm using the t-harness so I know my connections are correct. Programming is completed successfully. What else could cause it to not receive the lock signal or acknowledge it's receiving a lock signal.