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Solid red flash on evo all

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Hi i have a problem with installation. I bought crimestopper rs00g5 and evo all setuped for my qcura tl 2013 push to start. On the begining everything was fine o was able to start my car from factory pilot later i decide install smartphone module and from now o have a lot problems. I wasn't able to programmed rs for smartphone later guys who sells me he help me program rs now on the evo i have all the time solid red light and I can't do nothing. i tried flash evo but still red light apear. maybe im doing something wrong with flashing and other thing there is flashing limit and i have 5/8 what's gonna hapend when will be 8/8???? please help i checked wires and everything looks good.
asked Dec 3, 2019 in Acura by Konrad Kalkucki (210 points)
edited Dec 3, 2019 by Konrad Kalkucki

1 Answer

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To fix your red light issue: https://fortin.ca/en/qa/92073/faq-red-led-stuck-on


I will need the 12 digit service number (s/n) in order to clear the flash limit. 

answered Dec 3, 2019 by Robert T (285,980 points)
Thx for response: I will try today fix this res light from instructions from this link. Serial number : 001A07010508
reset is done
Thanks a lot. I have a question about this instruction. What its mean flash version 0.99 on my evo all is info is flash 73.xxx so what verion i needto install. Thanks one more time for reset.
0.99 is fix the red being stuck on problem that you have.


Just follow the steps. At step 3, it says to flash the proper firmware 73.XX in your case
Ok i will try after work thx
Thanks Robb a lot i flash 0.99 later ma new firmware and now there is no more red light. One mor question if i can. Can you advise what option should be turn on for rs00G5 crimestopper and evo all. Im gonna use my factory knob for start my car.

First, make sure to RESET the EVO after flashing your 73.XX

  • hold button in, insert 4 pin black connector
  • release on RED.
  • Press and hold button until all three LEDs alternate rapidly.
  • Disconnect unit

Enable options C1, D6 and D2 in the EVO (do not turn OFF any options that are deafult on)

Reprogram unit to the vehilcle

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