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2015 Acura TLX using Evo One and T Harness. Will start only if FOB is in the car.

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If starting from outside the car, it cranks but never starts, as if the immobilizer is active due to decryptor key code not working. Ive started over from square one several times with the same results and now it says that Ive reached the limit for this car.....and it still doesnt work.
asked Jan 6, 2020 in Acura by James King (130 points)

1 Answer

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send an email to support@fortin.ca and include the modules 12 digit service number
answered Jan 6, 2020 by Robert T (285,980 points)
Im guessing that I would do that to have the module reset to remedy the "limit reached" issue.....Any clue on how to fix the issue of not starting? I appreciate the help.

some suggestions.

  • Watch the REV of your harness. REV2 has a modification required while REV3 does not. 
  • White wire from connector E needs to be cut. 
  • If battery voltage is below 12.4V , key encryption may be faulty.



Thanks again Robb. I will check these things after the module is reset. I will update. I appreciate your time.
Hey Robb,

So it only starts intermittently, evidently "FOB in the car" had nothing to do with it.....it will start about 20% of the time, and in that 20% it is usually only on the second crank. Battery is 5 months old and the lowest voltage during testing was 12.7v. Being intermittent, I guessed that the harness had a bad connection somewhere as the seller that I bought this from sells it as a "kit" and does the few alterations/ connections needed for the specific vehicle before shipping it out. All of his connections were correct, so I clipped his connections and re-terminated them. It seemed as if that did the trick, as it started 3 times in a row yesterday out and about but then it would just crank and not start again later in the day. I was at home, so I checked voltage again with my multimeter and my battery charger.....both showing 12.8v. Just to be sure I threw a 2 amp charger on the battery and let it charge....it didn't take much, but it did not start again with a freshly charged battery at 13.1v. This is driving me crazy and has taken 2 Sunday's and a Monday of troubleshooting with no results. Please help!

Thanks in advance,