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Does the car have to start

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On the sl3 do I have to install a remote start to bypass the imobilizer....IE........does the car need remote start to start the car and self learn the imobilizer hence to get rid of the green light or do Ijust need the sl3 and that's all? Also it's not the factory key original key was stolen durribg k swap and lock smith said that it has to start first to take the key
asked Feb 15, 2020 in Acura by Jason Minetto (260 points)

1 Answer

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You would need a remote starter along with the honda sl3 for remote starting.


If your vehicle does not start with the key then the SL3 will never program as its ment to be installed in a properly functioning vehicle.
answered Feb 17, 2020 by derek ! (294,120 points)
selected Feb 17, 2020 by Robert T