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2010 Acura TSX, what do i need in all?

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hello, i have  a 2010 acura TSX, i saw the evo all and evo one but ive had a 2010 dodge ram that i fought a pre-programmed evo which was called "Fortin Evo-chr.t4" and just bought the wire harness with that and it worked very easily. Im wondering if there is such a thing for my acura without havin to buy the evo-all or evo-one and program them, would the HONDA-SL3 be what i'm lookin for? EVO-RIDE? EVO-KEY? not sure what all these options are? thank you

asked Feb 24, 2020 in Acura by MOUSSA SLEIMAN (180 points)

1 Answer

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Not sure what  you are looking for, but, EVO-ONE and the THAR-ONE-HON5. https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/59581/evo-one_ig_thr_bi_hon5-tsx_2009-2013_key_a_59581.pdf


Honda-SL3 only does immobilizer bypass and there is no T-harness available.

answered Feb 24, 2020 by Robert T (285,980 points)
so all i would need is EVO-ONE AND THAR-ONE-HON5 T-harness? wasn't sure what you meant but there is no T-harness but isn't the THAR a T-harness? also what's the difference between EVO-ONE & EVO-ALL. only the EVO-ONE works for this car? thank you in advance
EVO-ALL, Honda-SL3, EVO-RIDE can only do immobilizer bypass on that car.


EVO-ONE and the THAR-ONE-HON5 harness for remote start.