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Aux options

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Have installed evo all on 2014 Acura mdx by professional installer.

The App evo start 2 have big delay and sometimes not responds at all. 
Options like trunk/ windows/ heated seats not working at all. And installer said that this options are not supposed. 
What should I do? How to connect aux options to control heated seats and HVAC system?
asked Nov 1, 2020 in Acura by Acura Honda (130 points)
edited Nov 2, 2020 by Acura Honda

1 Answer

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The evo-all does not have any aux outputs.

The installer is correct those features are not supported on that year, make and model.


The evo-one has 1 Aux output which can be physically spliced into the vehicles exisiting wiring for defrost or heated seats (if applicable).
answered Nov 2, 2020 by derek ! (294,120 points)