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2003 suburban evo one install. Programs perfectly fine but won’t remote start. No lights flash while remote starting

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Programmed perfectly. Changed all options for bypass and remote start on flash manager for 3x remote lock start. When hitting lock on remote no blue light on module. Also no lights at all when trying remote start. When key is on ignition or running module shows yellow light. All troubleshooting points to either no GWR signal or bad can signal. There is no GWR wire in schematic. Any help would be great
posté Fev 11, 2022 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Steven Lukasik (130 points)

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2003 Suburban is not supported with3xlock.

you need an RFkit to control the car.
répondu Fev 11, 2022 par Haidar Jabbar (22,390 points)
so i bought the RFK411 RF kit and changed options in programming and tried again and the evo one will do initial programming but the programming for rf antenna wont work. the blue light on antenna will not flash allowing me to program remotes.
On this vehicle foot brake is hardwired, the antenna wont go into pairing mode if it doesnt see the footbrake signal. I would check the black wire on the 20 pin of the evo and ensure its getting the brake signal.
I have checked all connections in instal diagram. The black wire in 20 pin connector for foot brake is receiving 12 volts when pedal is depressed and at rest no voltage so I believe that is correct. Another issue I see is after initial programming in vehicle to module it programs fine but then while pushing unlock or lock on oem remote there is no blue light coming on telling me it's seeing the data link can bud signal. But I know it's seeing the signal because it programs exactly how it's sapposed to.
There is no can bus in this vehicle, therefore the blue light wont blink when you press lock/unlock on your oem remote since we do not offer that feature for this vehicle.


I think it may be easiest to simply call the tech support line so we can walk you through the rf pairing procedure.


I need help with this... I have programmed and installed fortin evo GM4 in my chevy 2500 11”, the blue light comes on every time I press the 3X control but the engine does not start… so what could it be??