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F150 2012 programming

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I have a f150 2012 i done every thing 100% In the programing phase I made every thing i enter the first key after the second key and after the first key then the blue and red started flashing after that only the blue led appeared and the still on without the key but if i unplugged the red connector the car turn off please can you help me in the programing
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posté Aout 18, 2022 dans la catégorie Ford par jaber awadh (220 points)
fermé Aout 22, 2022 par JM

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Likely Fortin will answer this tomorrow but it would be help to have more details.

Is this an evo one or evo all? Harness or hard wired?

Did you program it with Flash Link or did it come pre-programmed?
répondu Aout 18, 2022 par Brian Kelly (560 points)
Hello its evo all with harness Fort3
Also i pre-programmed it i own a shop and i install it for hundreds of cars but i had a issue with ford cars that need two keys for the programing i mentioned my problem up
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Please check your emails, a reply has been sent to the ticket you sent.
répondu Aout 18, 2022 par JM (61,780 points)