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EVO-ONE 2015 Mazda 3 Manual Transmission - Remote Start Will Not Activate

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2015 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback, push-to-start, smart key, manual transmission.  I cannot get the module to start the vehicle with 3x OEM remote lock.  I've followed the instructions for manual transmission in Guide #68261.  My EVO-ONE serial number is 002B04298695 and it is dated 09/2022.  Here's what I've done:

  • EVO-ONE flashed with Firmware 85.12.
  • Using T-Harness.
  • Yellow loop wire NOT cut
  • White wire labeled "for manual transmission only" on the T-harness is connected to the white wire coming out of the 20-pin connector.  These wires are just butt spliced with no other connection.
  • DCryptor process to enable key bypass appears to have been successful from all FlashLink software messages.
  • Remote starter option 33 is set to mode 2 for foot brake - handbrake - release foot brake Ready Mode process.
  • Remote starter option 38 is set to mode 2 to enable 3x lock with OEM remote.
  • Bypass option C1 is on for OEM remote status monitoring.
  • I did not install a hood pin.  I am not concerned about remote starting while the hood is open.  Bypass option A11 is set to "off."
  • Bypass options for foot brake, hand brake, door output monitoring are all set to "on."

To enable ready mode, I depress the foot brake, engage the hand brake, release the footbrake, and exit the car while it is still running without pushing the start button.  The car just sits there and runs, nothing happens when I close the door and walk so that the smart key is out of range.  I also tried doing this with shutting the car off before exiting and was still not able to remote start the vehicle.

When I press the lock button on the OEM remote, the blue LED on the EVO-ONE blinks indicating it is reading the CAN bus messages.

When the car is running, the yellow LED on the EVO-ONE is steadily illuminated.

At no point does the red LED on the EVO-ONE illuminate.  It does not turn on after pressing the OEM remote lock button 3x.

When I press the OEM lock button 3x after the above ready mode process, absolutely nothing happens except the car horn beeps on the 2nd and 3rd presses like it normally would.

Thanks in advance for your help.


posté Nov 20, 2022 dans la catégorie Mazda par Jim Davis (130 points)

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Looking over your S/N , the entire remote starter side of your unit was not setup. I understand you said those options were turned on, but something did not work and options are not saved. 

  1. Update the Remote Starter side to 1.26
  2. Set your desired options (33.2 and 38.2)


Make sure to be in "Pro Mode" in the flash link so that you dont have to redo the entire programming again. 

répondu Nov 22, 2022 par Robert T (285,980 points)
Hi Robert - thank you for your help.  Can you advise me on how I can update the remote starter to 1.26?

EDIT: I called tech support - I did not realize the Flashlink Lite updater did not support the remote start module.  I will purchase the regular Updater.  Thanks.
That would definitely make sense of everything.