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2015 Chrysler 200 push to star

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Hi there. I am trying to programm my Evo all, but I can't continue afer step 5 when press and release the programming button once, nothing happens after. The led blue should start to flash rapidly but only turn off. I have to conect the wire purple yellow to ignition pink white? Thanks in advance.
posté Nov 28, 2022 dans la catégorie Chrysler par Munito (1,320 points)

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Please provide the S/N number on the back of the module.


Best regards.
répondu Nov 28, 2022 par derek ! (294,120 points)
élue Nov 30, 2022 par Munito
Hi Derek. Here you are. SN/ 001A07408395
Your module is not flashed. Before trying to program it in the vehicle you must flash it for the vehicle it is going to be installed into.
Derek, please don't call me stupid yet. You absolutely right, this is the rights number. S/N: 001A07299029. Please accept my apologies. Thanks you again.
If the blue light goes out but does not flash, this would be related to the can hi and can low connections. Firmware 68.02 is the correct version for the vehicle.
Done Derek, problem solved. It turns out that when installing the CAN HIGH and CAN LOW cables, you have to be guided by the OBD2 image and not by the schematic, because the color of the wiring in the images is different from the schematic. Thank you very much!