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Can you help program my 2014 Ford Fusion with fort3 t-harness?

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2014 Ford Fusion with evo-all and fort3 t-harness wont program as standalone. I turn the key to the on/run position and the light just stays solid blue and never flashes.
posté Dec 10, 2022 dans la catégorie Ford par Tate Jeurink (180 points)

1 Réponse

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Have you flashed the correct firmware in your Evo-ALL ? 4.01
répondu Dec 10, 2022 par Jerome Thomassin (2,150 points)
It is updated to firmware 71.[52]. Which is what it tells me is recommended. Does it hurt to be a later version than the 4.01?
I ended up updating it backwards to the 4.01 firmware and it programmed just as it was supposed to. Thanks for the help.