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2006 Trailblazer will start once and won't start again.

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2006 Chevy Trailblazer with an Evo-All and an rs4-g5. The locks work and it will remote start one time. When trying to remote start a second time, it will crank and fire, but not start. When this happens, the Evo-All has the red and yellow lights on solid and the blue light flashing. If I remove the 4 pin data wire from the Evo-All and reconnect it, the lights go out and it will remote start again. Then the problem starts all over.
posté Jan 9 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par Eddy Weakley (190 points)

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The datalink protocols in both units are not set to the same protocols.

1- Make sure the crimestopper is set to Fortin

2- Option F1 - Fortin, needs to be enabled in the EVO-ALL
répondu Jan 10 par Robert T (285,980 points)
I set the crimestopper to defaults. Fortin is default.

I verified that the Datalink option is F1 0 Fortin and reflashed the Evo-all.

The problem remains the same. It will remote start once and then I have to disconnect the evo-all to get it to remote start again.