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2010 ford escape KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL

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I'm installling the KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL with a DEI remote start.

When I attempted to program prior, I would see the LED start flashing, but programming didn't complete.

Now when I attempt to program, the LED on the module stays on and the security light on the dash flashes rapidly.

I've confirmed I have 12V on Red, Ground on Black, Ignition on Yellow, and remote start staus on Blue.

Is there anything else i should try on this module? The module was purchased new in December and hasn't been installed in another vehicle.
posté Jan 18 dans la catégorie Ford par Todd Lusby (130 points)

1 Réponse

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Couple of things too look into.

  1. There is no datalink between the KoA and a DEI starter so make sure the blue and white are cut out of the datalink connector. 
  2. Try the programming WITHOUT the Ground-while-running connected. 
  3. At the last step of programming, follow the manual transmission method instead of the automatic transmisison. The reason is that if the delay is too long before ignition turns on, the key will not program. 
  4. Verifiy that Rx-Tx are not reversed.
  5. 2 master keys are required. A cloned key will not work. 
répondu Jan 18 par Robert T (285,590 points)

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