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2014 Ford F-150, 2 Keys programming.

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Hi there. I have one question about Ford OEM keys.I am trying to program a compustar module on a Ford F-150. I only have one OEM key and the other one is made by a locksmith (it's not a clone and it's not a copy) But I can't finish the programming because the module tells me that I am using the same key or a cloned key. My question is: does Ford split any code between two keys? If you don't have both OEM, is it not possible to finish the programming even if the key made by the locksmith is not a copy or a clone? I need some information about this. Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards.
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You must use 2 master keys. Master keys will have seperate rfid's programmed into them.

Copied or cloned keys will have the same rfid as the key it was copied from which will not work for programming.

When programming the bypass using copied or cloned keys, you are showing the vehicle the same rfid twice, which will not allow the truck to enter key programming.

When programming using 2 master keys, you are showing the vehicle 2 seperate rfid's which will allow the vehicle to enter key programming.

Best regards.
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Okay, so let me see if I understand. Although these keys made by locksmiths are not clones or replicas, in the same way do these keys not have rfid? Only the OEM keys that the car comes from the factory have rfid? And if I go to the Ford dealership, can they give me the keys with the rfid system?
Ask the lock smith who made the key for you if he programmed it as a master key or if he cloned it would be my suggestion.

Yes a Ford dealer can program master keys to the vehicle.
Ok, thanks you so much Derek I will. Kind regards!