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Remote start programming issue

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I have a 2000 ford excursion with the 6.8 v10 and I have just installed a mpc remote start kit number 4232. After installing by soldering in a bunch of wires I got to the key programming stage where a fortin instruction page is included and I follow the steps it says but the red light on the key override all module won't blink the 10 times like it says it should. If I plug the antenna in it will put the truck into run mode and begin trying to crank the motor but will not fire leading me to security issue because the key won't program. The instructions say for the ignition switch connector I should have connector H but in reality I had connector C so I connected the tx and rx wires as instructed but I am confused to where to go next
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For this vehicle you should be following programming on page 15 of this guide: Only 1 oem Ford key is required for programming.


Before programming, with the head of the key against the ignition barrel you should be able to remote start the vehicle. If you are not able to, then furthur checking is rquired concerning your remote starter.


If the module does not program you can also always try switching rx and tx around.


Being an mpc kit, I would also suggest reaching out to their technical support department to troubleshoot the issue as these kits are assembled by them and modified for end consumers such as yourself.


Best regards.
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