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Programming remote start with evo-all.    2 key system 2010 mkx, does just what it says it will do all the way to the end, then try remote starting and the remote starter just clicks and won't crank the car, if i remote start the car with the key by the ignition cylinder it will start.
posté Fev 10, 2016 dans la catégorie Lincoln par MARK MCKITTERICK (170 points)

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What remote starter are you using?

Does the red led turn on before ignition turns on in the vehicle when remote starting?

If it does not, please connect the dark blue wire of the evo-all (-)ground when running wire to the vehicle's ground. the red led should light up, if it does, try to remote start. if it starts, then there is a timing issue with your remote starter's ground out when running wire.

Please advise if you can remote start the vehicle with the dark blue wire of the evo-all grounded.

Thank you
répondu Fev 10, 2016 par JM (62,180 points)
If doing the above tests do no work, there is a minimum firmware version listed for your vehicle which is v71.11 and you unit is still at the default 4.18 so a reflash might be needed if the above tests do not let you remote start.

Thank you.
I thought i was all the way to the end the other day, I get to step 14 and thats when it won't start I grounded the blue wire and still not working.   crimestopper rs4-g5 remote.
If you did not get the red led flashing 10 times at step 15 the you might need to program it again then at step 14, press and hold the programming button until the red led shuts off then comes back on. release the button, then manually power up the ignition using a jumper wire, then the red led shoud flash 10x.
Updated firmware to 71.34.   same thing  when i'm at step 14 red light on by-pass and will not crank remote starter just clicks and when the red light is on the car will not start with the keys either,
Do a master reset, push and hold programming button, plug in datalink, release on red, push and hold programming button again until all 3 leds flash in a sequence.

Then reprogram, you NEED to power up the vehicles IGNITION within 5 seconds after removing the 2nd key from the ignition.

The red led needs to flash 10x to tell you that it programmed to the vehicle.

It will also not flash 10 times if the RX and TX wires are reversed. please verify that the RX wire is connected to the wire on the edge of the immobilizer connector.
Same thing Jesus, the sec. after the red light flashes back i hit the remote and it turns the ignition on, then it clicks, the strange thing is the red lights on solid and it won't start with either keys no crank.

I see that you mentioned that you had flashed the latest firmware to your Evo. but when I punch in your service number, it still shows me that it is at 4.18 as shown here:

Please flash to the lastest firmware.

If you have a flashlink updater-2, you can try doing dcryptor programming as shown on page 27 of the guide.

On your vehicle's key, is there any letters or symbols engraved on the metal part?


Thank you.