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Programming Evo all for Lincoln navigator with 2 keys

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I follow programming proceedure 2. I install the first key for 3 seconds and the yellow light comes on. I remove it and install the 2nd key and then the red light flashes once.  Then I remove it and press the program button and the red light flashes once quickly/weakly.   I use the remote start which powers the accessory wire but never get the red light 10 flashing times. The red light just stays on.  Can you tell me why the programming is no working?
posté Dec 27, 2013 dans la catégorie Lincoln par Gavin Titshall (130 points)

1 Réponse

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One of my keys is an aftermarket key. Could that be a problem?
répondu Dec 31, 2013 par Gavin Titshall (190 points)
Both keys should be master keys programmed by the dealer. The keys  made elsewhere are only clones. So the the vehicel never actually recognizes key1 and key2. It see key1 and key1.