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EVO ALL in 2010 Lincoln MKX won't program

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I reviewed the other post on this exact issue.

At first attempt programming (using programming 3--2 keys) the red led flashed and then blue led flashed. The vehicle wouldn't remote start. I attempted a dozen times changing firmware (4.18, 71.39, 71.35, 71.34, 71.11) and programming using the two key method as well as decryptor process and single key. When attempting to program using the two key method, the red led does not flash, nor does the blue led flash. When using decryptor method, after uploading/downloading and updating the module, the vehicle will not remote start, the security light flashes on the dash indicating no valid key. If I hold the key next to the barrel it will remote start.

i swapped out the evo-all for another, same result. I swapped out the evo-all for an evo-ride, the red led does not flash when I press the program buttton.

RX (lt blue/blk) is connected to the yellow/org pin 4 of transponder

TX (lt blue) is connected to purple/grey pin 3 of transponder connector.

I tried swapping RX and TX, module wouldn't go into correct programming mode.

I tried using the guide for Ford Edge, connecting evo-all relay output (Wht/blue, wht/red) to +12v, ign.

5 hours troubleshooting this thing. Normally changing firmware solves these type of issues, but I am at a loss.
posté Fev 19, 2017 dans la catégorie Lincoln par Josh Ley (500 points)

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What is the service number to the module you are trying to program?
répondu Fev 20, 2017 par derek ! (294,120 points)
What are the voltages on the RX & Tx wires as follows...

Rx Key OFF = ?

Rx Key in but not on =?

Rx key on =?

Repeat same procedure for Tx as well and let me know
RX key off 0v

rx key in 0v

rx key on 11.28v

rx key off 4.7v

rx key out 4.7v

when measuring voltage after sitting idle a few minutes the RX has 0v until ignition on.  When turning ignition off and removing key voltage stays at 4.7


tx key off/out 0v

tx key in/off 0v

tx key on 11.11v

tx key off starts at 2.2v and drops to 0
Seems normal and what was the yellow ignition wire connected to?

Just a question, if the evo is unplugged and you cycle key 1 on 3 secs, key 2 on 3 secs and then turn key 1 back on do the door locks cycle on their own?
Yellow ign from evo is connected to remote start ign which connects to Wht/org at ignition barrel.

No door locks do not cycle with evo unplugged
Hmmm so the vehicle may be locked out for spare key programming or have no more empty slots in the SJB which is why it is not working as intended.
That's kind of what I was thinking. It seemed like it programmed the first time I did it. But at the end of the programming cycle (red light flashed 10x, blue light started flashing) it attempted to remote start while red light was flashing and then blue started to flash and was unsuccessful. So I shut it down, attempted remote start, security light. Then I started trying to reprogram.
Had the keys reset. Program mode, red light flash with remote start activation. However the ignition shut off, turned back on, then blue light flashed, still no remote start after that.
So the evo has programmed properly now using 2 key method?
It "programmed" but wouldn't remote start. I spoke with tech support on the phone (Martin Miller) and he said that there were notes of the same vehicle with the same issue, the installer used a key-override-all and that solved the issue. I swapped out the evo-all for a key-override-all and that worked for me as well. I think the website should be updated so that the 2010 Lincoln MKX only shows compatibility with key-override-all at least until the issues with this particular vehicle are sorted out with the evo-all and evo-ride. It cost me 8 hours in labor to troubleshoot this issue, as well as having a locksmith reset the immobilizer system ($80).