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2010 MKX - PATS failure, no RAP

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PATS failed to program with 2 key method, tried Dcryptor it failed too. Now all 8 key slots are full and vehicle locked out key programming.

Also RAP does not work. Verified GRN/WHI to door side and GRN/RED to VEh side. Tested wires with meter, they are closed circuit and never change state.
posté Mar 16, 2017 dans la catégorie Lincoln par KOZ (750 points)

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Could you please try disconnecting the Can H and Can L connections, then reset the evo as shown here: redo dcryptor type programming, dcrypt and update dcryptor and re test in vehicle. please put the remote starter in tachless mode or if the remote starter has an analog tach input to connect it to the vehicle as well as the analog brake wire.


Please let me know if this lets you remote start the vehicle.


Thank you,
répondu Mar 16, 2017 par JM (62,180 points)
EVO-ALL is connected W2W.  Tach, brake, locks, starter etc.....

Reset, redo dcryptor. Pull CAN connector. Same result. PATS failure.

Still no RAP shutdown either....
you need to do dcryptor programming as this type of programming does not force the vehicle to generate a key code, we are just copying one of the the oem keys.

We need to try just programming the immobilizer and not the cans, so the cans cannot be connected at all during programming.

Once we can get the vehicle started, Rap is easily done even with just the remote starter.
I understand the reasons for dcryptor.

I did skip the CAN programming and did just bypass. Same results.
At this point, you can try a Key Override ALL, but for this to work, you will need to delete all keys programmed in the vehicle and erased all codes in the 8 key slots and just program the 2 keys of the client to the vehicle as "valid/master keys" then used these 2 keys to program the KOA to the vehicle.


Thank you,
I was afraid of that. Now I need a locksmith.

As for the RAP, whats the deal there? Should I not see a change in state between the GRN/WHI and GRN/RED wires after shutdown?

In the MKX with heated and cooled seats the control is CANBUS. Any possibility of having that added to the software?