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evo all not compatible with updated flashlink manager

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evo all not programmimg from manager. says device not compatible. plugged in a key override all and it came right up so I know the flashlink and pc should be ok. Service # on evo is 001A07030630.
posté Aout 31, 2019 dans la catégorie Chrysler par Brian Couture (180 points)

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There was a successful update on this module on August 30 to firmware 74.38. Are you still having issues?
répondu Sept 3, 2019 par JM (62,180 points)
élue Sept 4, 2019 par Robert T
Yes trying to upload for pt cruiser 4.06 I believe. Module says gathering info then kicks me out at 83% and says not compatible. Tried master reset on evo and still does the same thing Don’t know how I managed to down load the wrong firmware :(
Yes trying to flash for 2005 pt cruiser 4.06 I believe. Gathers information up to 83 percent on manager and kicks me saying not compatible.Tried master reset on evo but still the same problem. Don’t know how I managed to download the wrong firmware :(
I am surprised you can even access 4.06 with the new hardware evo-all you have since it does not even exist.

Use firmware 74.22.

If the RED LED starts blinking rapidly on the EVO during the update when it blocks, let us know.
after plugging in and unplugging evo a few times. the firm ware now says74.22 but it still kicks out at 83%. when i plug in evo, red light comes on solid and the three leds start blinking at the same time right after it kicks me out.I counted 25 flashes before they stopped.using guide3317 says updated guide is 9501 but when I enter that number it reverts back to 3317?? Thats where I got 4.06 from. I am in bypass mode
sounds like the connection between the flash link and evo is weak.  An unprogrammed evo does exactly that when only power and ground are connected, all three leds flash about 20 times.


But... seeing that you have one of the new EVO-ALLs, make sure your Flash Link Updater itself has the latest 4.05 update. Click HELP -> Flashlink Firmware Update and follow theon screen instructions.
YAHOO ..... if the dummy on this keyboard had downloaded the correct flashlink update.... hair pulling would have been averted........I did however clean the connectors with a little contact cleaner and now things are marvelous!!! came right up! Thanks for your help! All the best to You!! Really Seriously, Thank You Again.
There we go, glad it's up and running!