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can evo All 3x start a 2001 town and country van?

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Can the evo-All do stand alone 3x lock start with the oem remotes for the 2001 town and country?

I programed the unit and it stated 3x start option that I loaded, but I'm not sure what guide to use to wire into van.

Guide # 3317 shows a remote start unit used to wire up?

Is there another guide to use for stand alone 3x evo All?


posté Jan 20, 2020 dans la catégorie Chrysler par Steve Floyd (1,960 points)

1 Réponse

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No 3xl is not supported on 2001.


You need evo-all hardware 6 and a remote starter for that vheicle.
répondu Jan 21, 2020 par derek ! (294,120 points)