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P0513 code 2005 Chrysler 300c Evo All Stand Alone Connection F Everything Working.

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It's like a false/positive situation. I had someone overpress my rf remote and oem key was starting car on one lock. blah blah blah


Reprogrammed both sets of keys (2 oem's and 2 RF RM411 long range one way remotes). Everything works fine again, but if I use the one button RF RM411 I get the code thrown and a little red security light stays on for a couple of seconds once my key is in on position in ignition.


Now if I just use the OEM key, I don't get the red light. Also there is no engine light with code. The only reason I know it's there is I had the car seafoamed (should have done through break booster after MAF, used intake manifold. Had engine lights galore and ended up changing all 16 spark plugs myself (the good ones) and clearing misfire and crankshaft sensor codes.

Anyways, all is working great now, except this code I can't seem to clear in any way. Is this an issue with my car or Chrysler products? 

Usually when you have this code, the car will start but quit soon after.

Just let me know and I will just leave it alone and not worry about it.

posté Nov 18, 2020 dans la catégorie Chrysler par 8itgreat (630 points)

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P-0531 - That's an incorrect immobilizer key code

Similar thing would happen on the Wrangler when the MUX is connected. It's the only car that MUX is not used.

If that chrysler 300 ever got its skreem module replaced, it's possible that it got changed with the same module as the Wrangler. I have seen a recall about that a while back. If that is the case, it's possible that the MUX connection would not be required, and possibly every single other connection done at the ignition switch. I cannot confirm removing the MUX or changing the install to be like on the Wrangler, would solve your problem.
répondu Nov 19, 2020 par Robert T (285,980 points)

I may have solved the issue. Using a bluetooth obd2 scanner and Car Scanner app pro. I was able to clear the P0513 code and will wait and see.

It may have been the over pressing of rm411 or during my install trying to figure things out.

I'll post back in a week to let you guys know. thanks for answering Robb.

sidenote: I did replace both OEM keys in early July of this year. During the pandemic I got rid of any outstanding codes and the P0513 was not one of them. I did the programing myself using both (ragged and barely working) OEM keys for them to work.  Cost me $40 all in for both keys done. cut them at ace hardware $5 per key and keys were $29.99.  


I have owned the car since summer of 2008 and the skreem is original. 


I have a video to prove it as well ha ha(new keys never triggered P0513 code), had to look back.   So far so good.

I have a feeling it may be firmware for the RM411. Gotta be a known issue, cause the install was military splice, taped, zip tied.  Or maybe turning a setting off or reprogramming my new keys once again with the original ones.  


Status P0513 Control unit-Engine control unit:  has not been completed, Validated and stored in non volitile memory. 

I feel it has to do with the Long Rang RM411 remote firmware is what is causing the issue, not really a problem. 

If i just use the key to remote start with 3xunlock, the code does not appear (again, no engine light, so you have to look for it to find the error code). 

I feel many people may be in similar situations, but the car works fine and no MIL. It may just be a Chrysler thing.  Perhaps a new updated firmware flash in the future may fix.