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I purchased a single use token. It was never emailed to me,

I am logged in, but when i pick a vehicle from the drop down box at the top of the page, it doesn't ask if i want to use a token. I bought this token on 9/5 and still haven't been able to use it, please help


Evo start LTE

Hello my name is Enkhzolboo we head commotion with Fortin 7 year a go and I was out this business. And now I'm back in so I interesting on Evo start LET in our country So please relay to my mail Thanks wait for reply


2015 Titan Locks

As per wiring instructions, pins 13 and 14 are not empty. Pin 13 has a green wire, labeled DOOR SW (RR) (service manual). What I can find is a positive pulse on pin 65 and 66 (black pin module on BCM). Any suggestions?


Lexus NX300 - Fortin EVO one with EVO start LTE cannot remote start with app

My EVO Start LTE can only see the status of the car but cannot control it. The remote control works for the EVO ONE with 3x lock, but using the app for EVO start cannot remote control my car. One thing I notice is when flashing the firmware, there is no option to select EVO start LTE but only EVO start 2. Could this be the problem?


Love the new catalog can you get printed version.Nice to show customers different options and remotes

Love the new catalog can you printed version ?Be nice to show customers all the different rf remote packages they can get.



Hi guys. I am having these problem with this box. Could you help me please?
Dcryptor's limit has been reached for this car Honda Accord 2010, EVO ONE box S/N: 002B04 625619
Please and thanks you in advanced. See less


decryptor limit reached on serial #001a07339402 is there a way to reset module

i also have another evo all that cannot be flashed #001a06455631


dcryptor limit has been reached for this car

please reset my module! my service number is :001A07345269


CAN wire for 2023 Subaru Ascent Keystart

Where is the CAN wire located for the 2023 Subaru Ascent Keystart? There is no can wire at the 20 pin grey connector as mention in the Guide #111451.


The configuration in the laptop does not end

When making the configuration on the laptop, the configuration does not end and does not give me the option to choose the connection via Tharnees


Idle mode take over no longer working? 2019 Subaru Ascent PTS

I have a 2019 Subaru Ascent push to start. I installed the Evo One with the plug and play harness. everything was working fine... I could activate idle mode by: While vehicle is running, Activate Remote Start...Lights flash...Push the PTS Button once, orange light on PTS button would come on then off... get out and lock the doors... Then Idle mode take over: I would come back to the vehicle... unlock the doors... push the PTS button once, orange light would come on then off... press the brake pedal and then be able to go without shutdown) I don't know what happened, but out of no where I can no longer do the take over after initiating idle mode.... when i press the PTS button nothing happens... no light comes on then off.... and when I press the brake the car shuts down.... I have tried reprogramming the module.... ive tried re adding the key to the module... same outcome. I am able to take over after a normal remote start... but not when I activate idle mode....


Mobile Remote Control and Telematic System ring

Hello everyone, I installed it evo all with the 441 long-range remote, but unfortunately the distance is half the original remote, and I would like to install operation through the Mobile app, but I would like to know how it works in order to confirm the distance it covers before purchasing it. Does it work via the Internet or via Bluetooth because the vehicle is 150 meters away from my residence? I am from the Middle East, as I read. It works in Canada via the network from long distances. I do not know how it supports the Middle East. My car is a 2020 Camry and the engine stops when the door is opened, but there are some vehicles that do not turn off just the Push to Start button! They call it the Canadian developed device! I don't know if it is from Fortin or another company


How to I flash Evo One with RFK441 and Evo Start LTE?

Just purchased an Evo Start LTE all in one kit. I'm installing in a 2008 Cadillac CTS, and ran into trouble when setting it up with FlashLink. Stepping through the steps for an initial flash, I come to "RF Kits" and it asks me to select a RF Kit or a smartphone app. I plan to use both the Start LTE and an RFK441 setup, but the software only allows one selection. What should I select and flash? The instructions for the start say to program the RF Kit first, disconnect, then do the Start LTE, but no mention of what to select in FlashLink. Thanks in advance for your help!


Toyota Camry, 2022

What feature will I benefit from when connecting the purple and purple/white wires? Can I close and open the doors while the engine is running, 

and can I open the door after starting the vehicle with the remote without stopping the engine when connecting the yellow/black wires?



is there an advanced Evo

Hello, is there an advanced Evo with which I can open the door of a 2020 Camry without stopping the engine after starting the vehicle using the remote?